Product Endorsement

netiRarely, do I recommend any specific product. I think the only other product I’ve named is Udi’s whole grain bread. Today though, I thought I’d spotlight the Himalayan Institute’s Neti-stik. It’s a great product for a few reasons.

If you are like me, using a bonified neti pot to pour water into already “water-clogged” sinuses is a bit of a challenge, the Neti-stik may be a good compromise. It’s a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender essential oils that can make swollen, hot and moist sinuses feel better.

Also, I sometimes use the stick even if my sinuses aren’t running or swollen or if I have a headache.  The stick’s combination of essential oils is invigorating. Mid afternoon if I’m feeling sluggish, I take a couple of whiffs per nostril and it perks me right up.

Interested? See if it works for you!

Give Yourself A Hand

Hand by Aaron Escobar
Hand, a photo by Aaron Escobar on Flickr.

Today’s blog entry is a practical suggestion for helping out with issues manifesting at the back of the head. Did you know that you have numerous acupuncture points on the top and palms of your hands? There is one point that specifically helps out the back of the head.
Place either hand, palm down, in front of you. Find the knuckle of your “pinkie” finger. The knuckle is where the oval-shaped extra skin sits. Rub the outside of the knuckle area strongly until it feels warm if you have a back-of-head headache, muscle strain, injury or any other issue. Don’t forget to repeat for the other side.

Let us know how it goes in the comment section!

The Thing About Migraines And Headaches…

soothing bath

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How wonderful is it that western-based research regarding the efficacy of acupuncture is growing daily?

Recently, researchers in Germany took a look at 22 studies targeting more than 4,400 people suffering from migraines and found that acupuncture was equally or more effective than medications used for reducing the frequency of migraines.

Those same researchers reviewed more than 10 studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture for tension headaches involving approximately 2,400 people and found that acupuncture relieved pain better than traditional treatments.

Let’s hear it for no more migraines or headaches!