Getting The Word Out

We’re excited to say that the practice is included in the April publication of the Family Health and Wellness magazine. Check it out!

Here’s the home page for this handy and informative publication:

And here’s one of the pieces about the practice:

And one more (look for the acupuncture article):

For all you locals, pick up your copy at the practice or at other conveniently located venues around town.

Acupuncture In The Media

acupuncture.jpg by gomesmam
acupuncture.jpg, a photo by gomesmam on Flickr.
Helped in part by growing media awareness, acupuncture continues to gain momentum in mainstream American medical culture. Check out this MSN article:

Body As Machine

Even though acupuncturists and other holistic health-care practitioners tend to think of the body ( mind/body connected) as a garden rather than a car, the concept body-as-machine is a good starting place. And who doesn’t like School House Rock?

An Acupucnture Documentary!

9000 Needles seems to be making quite a splash in the indie movie circles. Have you seen it yet?