Acupuncture Silliness

porcupine needlesAh hem…thank you for this week’s blog entry-

You know who you are!


Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Car accident by Boston Public Library
Car accident, a photo by Boston Public Library on Flickr.

Safe health doesn’t happen by accident!

Another Funny Patient!

I don’t know what it is lately, but my patients are making some great zingers at the practice!
Yesterday, this is what someone said:

Me: It looks like lying on your side might be uncomfortable? Let’s change your position.

SJ Patient: That’s okay, I’ll stick it out.

Practice Laughter

incurable laughter by panta rhei.
incurable laughter, a photo by panta rhei. on Flickr.

Just heard at the practice:

Me: Oh, I have to go to the next room to get the right needles.

My patient: Yeah, because acupuncture without needles would be…pointless!

Too Soon For More Medical Silliness? Never!


I don’t know this cartoon well enough to verify if they got it right but it is nice to see that acupuncture is definitely making it into the mainstream.

December’s Medical Silliness

For all of you looking for the regular Monday post- Sorry! I’m happy to say that I had so many patients on Monday that I couldn’t post until today!
As well as this funny picture for some medical silliness, my very funny patient asked me yesterday, ” So, since acupuncture is Chinese medicine is it also like Chinese food? Do you want more acupuncture after two hours?” -Ha ha!

Laughter- The Best Medicine

Laughter really is a great medicine.
It can lower blood pressure, increase vascular flow and oxygenation of the body. It can increase memory and enhance learning, alertness and creativity. It gives the diaphragm a workout while possibly lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels. Laughter has been shown to increase the effectiveness of tumor and disease-killing cells of the body. It boosts immunity, relaxes the body, decreases pain and stress and triggers the release of endorphines. Socially, it strengthens relationships and builds community.
Sounds good doesn’t it? Below is your laughter prescription for today.

When chemists die they barium

This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club but I’d never met herbivore

They told me I had type A blood but it was a type O

When you get a bladder infection urine trouble

And in honor of the Olympics-
England has no kidney bank but it does have a Liverpool!