Happy 2016!

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Happy New Year! Happy new beginnings! To everyone who  supported the practice, asked questions because they wanted to know more about traditional Asian medicine, got acupuncture, took their Chinese herbal formula, told someone about acupuncture, practiced their qi gong or tai chi, tried to implement something new into their health routine or faithfully visited the blog (a sincere thanks here because I know with the practice getting so busy the blog entries are more haphazard) here is a sincere


and see you next year!



Happy New Year!


A sincere, heartfelt

Thank You

to all who came for acupuncture,

read the blog or the facebook page

and/or supported

the practice in some way.

It was an honor to share time with you in 2014.

See you in 2015!


Happy New Year-

Make 2014 your healthiest year yet!

A New Year!

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Wow! Here we are again at a beginning-

To all my patients, friends and colleagues:
My sincere thanks for making my 2012 so great. I hope your 2013 is your best year yet.



To all my wonderful patients, colleagues, and friends:

Sincere thanks for a great year,
see you in 2012!

Let’s Keep Those Knees Working!

Working hard at the acpuncture visit

One more knee from one of my many wonderful, brave, searching, health-conscious, curious, funny, serious, earnest, teaching, inspirational patients to round out 2010.  Thank you! See you in 2011.