New Mom Soups

PV+SquareMama Tong Soups

Today’s post is a link to a wonderful site listing Eastern medicine soup recipes to boost the health of brand new moms or anyone wanting some healthy soup.

Check out this most excellent site here

Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Baby Bump by cydney.c
Baby Bump, a photo by cydney.c on Flickr.

Thinking of trying acupuncture to help put you in excellent health for the birth of your baby? Check out this link to an article discussing pre-birth acupuncture.

Acupuncture And Depression During Pregnancy

For all of you soon-to-be-mothers who might be experiencing depression, acupuncture could be an excellent tool for you. Check out a recent article about this very subject


Acupuncture and IVF

Baby-Feet by ZaIGHaM-IslaM
Baby-Feet, a photo by ZaIGHaM-IslaM on Flickr.

For anyone currently undergoing IVF, check out this link:

Got Belly?

Belly by vicstarz
Belly, a photo by vicstarz on Flickr.

Today, I received an email from someone inquiring about acupuncture and fertility support. Most people who come to the practice have already done their (usually extensive) research and end up telling me the statistics showing how effective acupuncture, and the other tools of traditional Chinese medicine such as herbs and dietary advice, are to assist in the fertility process.

There are many ways to incorporate TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) into your fertility support plans. My patients choose to use TCM alone or as a first step or in conjunction with western medicine. Many have used acupuncture and herbs for prior pregnancies and are returning to a “tried and true” tool. All these uses of TCM are excellent ideas. Whatever works best for the patient is what we do.

Here’s what I say to everyone I work with: conception is not the finish line nor is it necessarily the starting line. Usually the starting line is balanced health for mom and dad so that their bodies can do what “comes naturally” anyway. If both mom’s and dad’s health are doing well, then the challenges of conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and that first challenging year after delivery (filled with less sleep, new schedules, changing hormones, breast-feeding and etc.) all happen well. The finish line is: one year after delivery, mom, dad and baby are all healthy and thriving.

Want belly? Call the office!