Product Endorsement

netiRarely, do I recommend any specific product. I think the only other product I’ve named is Udi’s whole grain bread. Today though, I thought I’d spotlight the Himalayan Institute’s Neti-stik. It’s a great product for a few reasons.

If you are like me, using a bonified neti pot to pour water into already “water-clogged” sinuses is a bit of a challenge, the Neti-stik may be a good compromise. It’s a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender essential oils that can make swollen, hot and moist sinuses feel better.

Also, I sometimes use the stick even if my sinuses aren’t running or swollen or if I have a headache.  The stick’s combination of essential oils is invigorating. Mid afternoon if I’m feeling sluggish, I take a couple of whiffs per nostril and it perks me right up.

Interested? See if it works for you!

Qi Gong for Stuffy Noses

Noses by murkotik
Noses, a photo by murkotik on Flickr.

All people experience a stuffy nose at one time or another, whether from a cold, allergies or other reason. Here is a quick, simple, take-anywhere, highly effective qi gong method for clearing your sinuses when they are blocked. Rub vigorously and repeat as necessary.

Check out the video here