Feeling Good

Have you ever taken the time to really rub your ears? Try it! Gently rub each and every surface of your outer ear including the sticky outy part in front of the ear hole (aka the tragus), and the part of the ear across from there (aka the anti-tragus). Don’t forget the inside ridges or the big loopy one making up the outside edge (aka the helix). Rub them until they are nicely pink and feel warm to the touch.

Try this as a first step in helping yourself get to sleep, when you are stressed out or just feel the need to ground. Have you ever noticed that babies do this when they are crying or are overstimulated? They instinctively pull on their ear(s) to self soothe.

It will work for you too!

Cultivate Contentment

Tissues - 012/365 by Jason Webber
Tissues – 012/365, a photo by Jason Webber on Flickr.

A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ. ~John Steinbeck

Stress vs Calm

Ever think about how stress affects you in immediate, measurable ways? What do your feelings, thoughts, behaviors and physical signs look like if you are experiencing stress? What do they look like if you put yourself into a peaceful state of mind?

Take a moment to mentally review what things look like when you plug yourself into this diagram. Do you have a mental anti-stress toolbox? What does it look like? How many and how various are your anti-stress tools?

What does your serenity toolbox look like? What tools do you have in it?

Let us know how you maintain a more calm, peaceful state of mind in the comments section. Maybe your tools can help others!