The Philosophical Framework Of TCM



Ever wondered about the philosophies behind your chosen brands of medical treatments? It is often said that Descartes’ philosophy plays a role in how western medicine is practiced whereas Daoism provides the framework for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The following is a nice explanation of Daoism.


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Traditional Chinese Medicine Going Mainstream


chinese herbs 2

Check out the latest example of how TCM is becoming more mainstream medicine every day.

Chinese herbs at the Cleveland Clinic


A Fun Way To Assess Your Energy

Remember in past entries the explanation of the 5 elements of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)? Today’s picture and link both explore more deeply this idea.

The National Qi Gong Association has a fun “test” to determine how your 5 elements are reading as they are right now.

Have fun with it and tell us about the results at your next office visit or feel free to post it on the Facebook page!