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April Is Large Intestine Month

yoga twist



Did you know that April is the large intestine month?  It is! (Check out the other organs and their months here).

Did you know that as fascinating as the 5 to 8 feet long large intestine is (read about the organ here), you can live without it if necessary? You can!

Do you know that there are many good things you can do for your large intestine? There are!

Check out some great large intestine yoga

Follow up with large intestine qi gong

Only try these exercises if they are within your current abilities and if you aren’t sure- call the office.


Have fun!



Legs Up the Wall – Viparita Karani

Insomnia- It’s enough of a problem to keep you awake at night worrying about it!

All kidding aside, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a study in 2002 and found that 58% of adults in the U.S. experienced symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week or more. If you find you are a part of this statistic worry not! There are many things to do to get you to sleep or to help keep you there.

I’m borrowing today’s sleep tip from a yoga pose. It’s a medication free, do anywhere, gentle and effective sleep tonic.

The number one thing to remember is to use caution as you get into, and out of, the pose. As you can see from this post’s picture, it’s a relatively simple pose to take. Find a place where you can scootch your bottom up against a wall. This may be the most difficult part because your legs feel like they are in the way until you can get your bottom right up to the wall. Once there you can then extend your legs upward. The wall supports your legs and the floor supports the rest of your body. The woman in the picture has her hands turned upwards but you can place your hands however they feel comfortable.

Take the time to quiet your inner thoughts while you let gravity do the work. This pose should feel completely comfortable. If it doesn’t, this may not be the right sleep solution for you. Gently lower your legs to one side and move away from the wall.

One to three minutes should be enough for you to feel the difference. With as little effort as possible, transition from the floor to your bed.

Sweet Dreams!