The 5 Element View Of Winter


Avenue of the snowy Apple Trees

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Happy 2011! Let’s start off the year celebrating winter too. In the past, we’ve written about how the 5 element philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine makes sense of fall and spring. Now let’s take a look at winter. If you aren’t familiar with 5 element thinking, check out the two earlier posts here and here for a better idea.

Winter is the water element.

The water element concerns the kidneys and urinary bladder.

Color-black or deep blue
Sense organ-ears
Water element is responsible for-bones, teeth, marrow and nerves
Part of the eye-pupil
Tongue location- the root
body fluid- urine
Emotion- fear
Water element’s odor-putrid/rotten
Strained by- standing
Sound emitted with emotion-groan
Sound emitted with illness-yawning
Climate-cold and wet
Stage of development-death

How do all of these make sense to you? Do any seem to play a significant roll in your life for better or for worse? Have fun thinking about it!