Stay Curious



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Staying curious and continuing to learn is a way to generate qi (the body’s own energy) and move it throughout the body. Learning, in all its forms as long as it isn’t too trying on the body , is a tonic.
I’ll be learning more about mudras today. I’ve done them since I was a child (I’m sure you did too) but didn’t know they had a name.

What are you curious about? Improve your health by finding out!

Eating to Live Not Living to Eat

Red Pepper

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What happens when you eat a red pepper? Among other things, like getting the vitamins and minerals that red peppers provide, you are warming your interior and stimulating your appetite.

What did Iceberg lettuce ever do you for you? Well, it boosts your blood, works on getting rid of any excess heat you might have, acts as a diuretic and can aid lactation.

Thirsty? Add some watercress into your diet.

Feeling nervous? Try eating something with wheat. (Assuming you don’t have a gluten intolerance)

And if your vision has seemed less than sharp recently, consider having abalone for your next meal.

Cupping Therapy

cupping sucks – literally

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Just about everyone these days could tell you that acupuncturists use needles to help someone’s health improve but needles aren’t the only tools we have for helping. Acupuncturists also use cupping therapy.

In this photo you can see glass cups on the patient’s back. The acupuncturist used a flame to create a vacuum before placing the cup (without the flame!) on the patient’s back. There are also cups that use a pump to create the vacuum. Historically, bamboo cups have also been used. Sometimes the cups are filled with herbal remedies as part of the treatment.

If you leave the cups in place we call that stationary cupping. We can also use oil or massage lotion on the cupping area to be able to glide the cups up and down or back and forth for running cupping.

There are many reasons the acupuncturist might choose cupping therapy for your treatment. Most patients find it is an enjoyable feeling similar to having a massage.

Ask about it at your next visit!

Body, Mind, Soul


three trees

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This morning I had a thought-

Do I do at least one good thing everyday for:

1. My mind?

2. My body?

3. My soul?

I decided that I do best with number 1, and that numbers 2 and 3 can range from good to haphazard.
It occurred to me that this is a simple and manageable goal to make. So, everyday, by the time the day is done, I will have done at least one good thing for all three.

How about you?